02 February 2010

Transcending Fear with "I AM"

Later this week, I will be launching my brand new program, Transcending Fear Mentoring Program. It will be an online mentoring program designed to move you from a place of fear and struggle to a place of faith and flow.

Think about your dreams and intentions for this new year. How are you doing with them? Have you created wonderful practices and actions to manifest those dreams? Or, are you stuck and can't move forward? This is about the time when we begin to move into the stuck stage of our new year's intentions.

Re-visit your list of intentions again. Re-write them as an "I AM" statement. So, if your intention is to lose some weight. Re-write your intention as, "I AM my ideal weight of xxx pounds."

This has been a powerful technique for me as I am being who I say I want to be; doing what I say I want to do, and having what I say I want to have. All in present tense, positive statements.

Stay tuned for the launch of the Transcending Fear Mentoring Program.

Here's to your success!
Coach Carolyn

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