15 March 2010

BE, DO, HAVE A New Story!

At our BWP Meetup this past weekend, we worked on creating new and empowering stories; agreeing to thank our old stories for the lesson, blessings, and testings and then letting them go. It is difficult to give up our old stories just like it is difficult to let go of those old beliefs and thoughts.

In order to create a new life, you must create a new story because what you agree to, comes true for you. So to create a new life, you must agree to a new story.

How do you create a new story? The BE/DO/HAVE Questions!

BE - Who are you?
DO - What are you here to do?
HAVE - What do you want to have?

You need to get absolutely clear on these three questions. From this place, you can see what your values are. If you are a person with a spiritual foundation – there are certain things that you simply will not tolerate; it is easier to weed out what does not fit your values. Certain things simply will not show up in your field any longer.

You will discover how much freedom you have when you get absolutely clear on who you are becoming, what you are here to do and what is it you truly desire.

Dust off your journals and STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK the BE, DO, HAVE Questions today! create your new story and begin to live your best life.

Coach Carolyn

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