23 March 2010

More Faith in Your Fear?

“Fear is faith that it won't work out.” ~ Sister Mary Tricky

Are you living in fear or living in faith? Even if you think you are not a religious person, I am speaking of the faith with a small f; and everyone has faith in something. Most of you have more faith in your fear than you do in your faith. If this is confusing, think about what you do have faith in. You have faith that when you walk out of your home, you will get to your destination. You usually don’t question whether or not you will get to where you want to go – you just go!

This works because you don’t place any drama around it; you simply believe you will get to your destination, especially if you are determined to get there. This ought to go for your dreams as well. Your dreams are someplace you want to get to. But you place more faith in your fear than in your dreams. Make the conscious choice to put your faith in your dreams and don’t allow fear to stop you from living your dreams.

Coach Carolyn

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