11 March 2010

Making Choices

“Every choice has consequences, and a dream master is aware of the consequences. Making a choice can open many doors, and close many other doors. Not making a choice is also a choice that we can make. By making choices, we can master the art of dreaming and create the most beautiful life.” ~ From The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz

Remember, not making a choice is also a choice. You have the awesome power to make choices. Make conscious and deliberate choices. Take your time about making important choices; choices that will effect your life. It is okay to say to someone, “you know, that is an important question/request. I want to make the best decision, so I would like to take some time to pray about it.”

No one will tell you not to pray! And if they so, then that should give you a clue.

GRACE CARD: For every action there is a reaction. Choose wisely.

Coach Carolyn

Sometimes fear can stop you from making the best choices for your life. If fear is stopping you from living your best life, then sign up for my Transcending Fear Mentoring Program. It's a wise choice!

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