29 March 2010

One Size Does Not Fit All

“Life would be much simpler if there were something out there that was always guaranteed to work, but one size doesn’t fit all.” ~ Peggy McColl

In all my years of studying and teaching spiritual principles and personal development, I have yet to see something presented consistently across the board. Everything has different flavors, nuances, and points of view. It is the same with personal likes and dislikes. One person may absolutely resonate with someone, while another person cannot stand them.

My point is that one size does not fit all. It is important to try things out for yourself to see if they fit your personality and temperament. You wouldn’t walk into a shoe store and purchase three pairs of shoes without first trying them on – unless you are absolutely familiar with the brand. Different brands cut their clothing differently as do different teachers. This does not make it right or wrong; it just makes it available to those who resonate.

Don’t discount something because it is not what you have heard before. Perhaps you need to hear a different point of view on the same issue. This is keeping an open mind; and for myself, it has made all the difference.

Try everything on for size and see what fits you!
Coach Carolyn

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