05 March 2010

A Note from the Universe

I want to share my Note from the Universe with you. If you don't already get your daily Notes, check out Mike Dooley's site and sign up. They always put a smile on my face.

"What if the coolest person on the planet didn't know they were the coolest person on the planet? Just because of a few self doubts, a few trace fears, or the occasional twang of inadequacy. Or because they somehow thought fame, or wealth, or popularity mattered. Or because they just didn't know the effect they had on others.

"It would be a pity, huh? An absolute travesty. And of course, telling them wouldn't achieve much because they'd never believe you. Never. They'd be too modest to accept it. Too naïve to believe it. And too cool to think it mattered.
So... well... ah... let's just leave it at that - The Universe

"Please, think as highly of yourself as you possibly can. Because no matter how high that is you will still undershoot the truth... it's just a time-space thing.

Okay, you know where I am going with this, don't you? What if this person was YOU?
Have a splendifferous weekend!
Coach Carolyn

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