14 June 2010

Radiate on Purpose

We radiate that which we are, vibrationally, and others of like intent assemble.” ~ Abraham – Hicks

I am re-reading the Esther and Jerry Hicks classic, Ask and It Is Given. I received this book two years ago as a gift and have picked it up and read several times. As I am re-reading it, it is like reading it for the first time. I love that about timeless books that teach spiritual truths. You never get done with those kinds of books. It also shows that you are still teachable, if you are open to learning.

The above quote caught my attention right away. Of course, I know this and have heard this many times. But this reading of it was different. My choice of lifestyle is peaceful and relaxed. Growing up in anger and violence, I have always craved peace. Today, I seek peace by being peace; and it has paid off for me. I radiate peace and clients seek me out because of my peaceful presence. I have even received several comments about my peaceful emails! How cool is that?

Be what you want to see in your reality. If you want peace, then be peace. If you want joy, then be joyful. Get the point? Gandhi said it best: we must be the change we wish to see in the world. You have been around someone and thought to yourself that person had a bad vibe. Well? They were radiating negativity, and you picked up on it. So, what are you vibrating that others can pick up on?

Ever checked your caller ID on a ringing phone and just did not want to talk to that person for whatever reason? We have all been there. But look at it this way: what if you were the one on the caller ID that the other person did not want to talk to? Ever thought about that? Probably not, because it’s always about the other person’s drama; but if you can spot the drama, that’s because you have had your own.


What feelings am I vibrating right now?”

What am I attracting into my life right now?”

Start getting more conscious about how you live life.

Just for today, radiate magic!
Coach Carolyn


KathyC said...

This really hit home for me! I have just started the practice of conscious dance, which brings body, mind and spirit together in purposeful movement. We all need to find a way of connecting to purpose, for indeed, it makes us come truly alive. Keep sending out the message!

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Thanks for stopping by Kathy! I love the idea of conscious dance. Will be checking that one out myself. Thanks for sharing. Peace, CoachC.

KathyC said...


It's a great practice - the cool thing is that it can be done alone or in community. Thanks for what you do here.

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Thank you! Can't wait to try it!