24 June 2010

What’s Your Priority?

What are you making a priority in your life? Is it depression? Is it happiness? Is it the job that makes you depressed? Is it the toxic friends you can’t seem to do without?

If you want to be happy, make being happy a priority. Oh, I don’t mean standing in front of the mirror every morning declaring yourself to be happy – it takes a bit more than that. If you really want to feel a different way, only you can make that happen.

STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK: “Why am I not happy?” “What will make me happy?” “What do I need to do to make that happen?” Then take one action step to make it so. If you do not make being happy, joyful, peaceful, and exuberant a priority, then it won’t be.

My priority is to be peaceful. I need and want peace in all areas of my life. To make that happen, I had to make the decision that I would create peace in all areas of my life. This was not easy. I had a job and I was miserable. I had to leave the job if I truly wanted peace. I lived with my family who were toxic, violent and unhealthy. I had to divorce myself from the family if I wanted peace. Now, most people will not make these kinds of sacrifices; but I wanted peace. I had to make peace a priority and so I had to make the sacrifices. Do not ask for something you are not willing to work to make happen.

If you are not willing to leave the job that makes you miserable, then shut up about it. It is your choice to stay in that job. If you are miserable in your job, chances are you are not where your heart has led you; therefore, you will never be happy in that job. Ask yourself why you stay in a job that does not light you up? Money! Right! I know that one....

Make YOU a priority, because no one else will!
Coach Carolyn

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