02 June 2010

Too Much Self-Help?

I read this article on a blog yesterday and it really spoke to me. As a workshop facilitator, I see some women (and men) come time and time and time again – sometimes to the same workshop. I frequently preach and teach about being consistent. It took you so many years of habitual behavior to get to the gremlin-laden places you are at now. So, why would you think only one or two workshops would reverse that? Enjoy and please share your thoughts on this.

by Tama J. Kieves

Ron and I sat outside and had lunch together in Santa Fe. “Yeah, I’ve been into personal development for the past 30 years. I’ve taken every workshop you can imagine,” he said and smiled. Something in his smile seemed sheepish to me, bent, and hung low. I’ve seen the look before: shame, as though he was confessing leprosy, because he thrived on learning. It’s crazy to me, that in our culture there is a stigma about self-help, spiritual growth, or personal improvement-- as though you’re weak because you choose to explore, feel, and stumble into grace.

I looked at Ron and said to him what I’ll now say to you: I am so proud of you for continuing. I am so proud of you for searching. I am so proud of you for staying on your path no matter what. Something in you has always known you are magnificent and unlimited. Something in you has always known you are here with purpose, love, and magic in your pocket. Something in you refuses to settle for anything less than your soul’s genius. There’s a reason it feels good when you hear this. It’s because it’s true....

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Remember, we are not done until we are DONE!

Rock on with your bad self!
Coach Carolyn

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