09 June 2010

Your Dose of Vitamin C - Be Caring

Today’s dose of Vitamin C is “Be Caring.”

Caring means feeling and showing concern for another person. When you care you literally step into the shoes of another human being. I love that because when you are walking in their shoes, you can’t step on their toes! This is true empathy; this is what the Apostle Paul called “lovingkindness.”

When you are being caring to another, you are very present to them and to yourself. Therefore, there is no fear, no doubt, no worry, no limitations. Just care.

In the book, From Chaos to Coherence, Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer says, “Care is the glue that keeps relationships together once the novelty has worn off.” How great is that?

Your daily affirmation: “Today, I choose to be caring!”

Just for today, be caring!
Coach Carolyn

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