21 June 2010

Your Thoughts Drive Your Emotions

This week, we will look at how your thoughts are driving your emotions. You may think that whatever is going on around you in your external world is what is causing you sadness, happiness, fear, loneliness, anxiety or anger. Wrong! What you are feeling has nothing to do with what is going on outside of you. What you are feeling is caused by what is going on inside of you. Surprised? I thought you might be. Because when we can point to come outside stimulus for our feelings, then we give ourselves permission to be victims and to blame someone or something else for our unsettling feelings and bad behavior.

It is easier to say, “She made me feel this way,” or “He made me feel that way,” than it is to say, “I am feeling this way because I choose to feel this way.” Say that one aloud and see how it fits. I dare say, quite an uncomfortable fit. As adults, no one has the power to make us feel or behave a certain way, unless we give away our power to someone outside of us. Digest that one for awhile and I will be back tomorrow….

Are you digesting?
Coach Carolyn

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